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Susan Onysko

Susan Onysko is a Travel Photographer who has devoted her life to the art of capturing evocative stories from some of the most remote and extreme locations of our world. Combining her sense of adventure with her aptitude for photography, Susan is able to unearth astonishing images that evoke her destination’s purest essence. Susan’s unique, emotional images have awarded her both domestic and international notoriety with her work being exhibited and published both locally and throughout Europe.  

Susan’s passion is capturing people who best represent the location that she is visiting. Catching individuals in unguarded and natural positions requires patience, to which her four children eagerly contributed. In locales absent of people to convey an emotional story, Susan enthusiastically turns to wildlife to reflect powerful those powerful human emotions such as love, bliss, and playfulness.

In addition to her international journeys Susan is currently traveling throughout the United States working on a book called Cosplay 50: The United States of Cosplay.  

CLE Temporary Art Exhibition Programwas created to showcase the diversity of arts and culture of North East Ohio.  Museums, cultural institutions, arts organizations as well as individual artists are afforded opportunities to exhibit their collections of original artwork and photography in the airport.  

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About Susan Onysko

My images, while from far-reaching and diverse locales, have a symmetry that runs through them. This symmetry reflects my belief that there is a similarity woven between people wherever you go in the world, with every culture having similar hopes, needs and dreams. My goal is to create simple, classic and timeless images that appeal to everyone. I strive to take photos that tell stories reflecting a truth in the subject matter that is simultaneously unique and universal. Above all, I hope to convey an understanding and appreciation of these distant places and peoples that connects with every viewer in their own unique way.

As a travel photographer from Ohio, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the springboard to all of my adventures. Travel Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. Whether the United States of America is your home or travel destination, I hope that my images provide inspiration to reach out and explore our magical world.

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