Wet Paint

About the Art

The CLE Temporary Art Exhibition Program issued a Call to artists working primarily in painting to highlight some of the ways artists incorporate and embrace painting as their primary medium.  Painting is a mode of creative expression and can be effectively used to represent the artist’s vision on paper, canvas and board.  There are many forms of painting.  It can be naturalistic, representational, abstract, or symbolistic.  “Wet Paint” features some of Northeast Ohio most talented emerging and professional artists and their technique in realizing a unique visual image in paint.

Wet Paint is on display from February 15, 2018 - July 31, 2018.

Artist Details

Cathy Clerk Dully

Cathy Clerk Dullyis a full-time career artist. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (magna cum laude) from the University of California, Davis.  Dully’s acrylics on canvas paintings are surrealistic in nature, and have been shown in west coast galleries including Door County, Wisconsin.  For the past twenty years her paintings have been shown in her adopted hometown of Akron, Ohio.For more information please visit Dully at www.cathyclerkdully.com.

Julie Cook

Julie Cook is a self-taught artist who mainly works in acrylics. She uses traditional tools as well as items like scraps of wood, plastic and recycled packaging material. Cook is inspired by the beauty around her. Her artwork has been juried in several shows throughout Northeast Ohio and she has had several solo shows. Cook’s daughter and son-in-law work with at-risk children on the Thailand/Burma border. A portion of Cook’s proceeds are donated to their cause.   For more information please visit her website at www.wallexpressionsbyjulie.com.

Pima Huang

Pimei Huang is aBrecksville resident and Signature Member of Ohio Watercolor Society.  She was born in Taiwan and enjoys using watercolors to express the wonder of God’s creation.  Huang has had three solo exhibitions and has participated in many juried art shows and received many awards.  She is especially honored that her work has been on exhibit at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport for the last three years.  For more information please contact Pimei at pimeihuang@hotmail.com

Anna Hsu

Anna Hsu seeks to express the philosophy of benevolence through tranquil images of trees and blossoms. She finds peace, balance and inspiration through brush strokes in painting and Chinese calligraphy.  She searches for good philosophies in life such as Taoism and enjoys expressing these concepts in her paintings.  Anna is a retired lead medical technologist from the Cleveland Clinic, andlives in Shaker Heights. She is a member of the Evergreen Artists group.  For more information please visit her at www.annasbrushpainting.blogspot.com.

Nancy Notarianni

Nancy Notarianni is a Singnature Member of the Ohio Watercolor Society, a graphic designer, watercolor painting instructor and owner of Nanogallery Studio in Berea where she teaches watercolor and drawing. She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in advertising and fashion illustra­tion.  Nancy has exhibited in many juried shows throughout Northeast Ohio. You can find her on etsy: Nanogallery or at her website, www.nancynotarianni.com

Adrian Stupica

Adrian Stupica uses art to tell a narrative through meaningful imagery. He works with acrylic on canvas, on apparel, and is a muralist. Stupica is from Mentor and earned a Communication degree from The Ohio State University.  After graduation he lived in Manhattan for five years creating public murals, commissioned pieces and custom apparel for notable clients.  Stupica strives to implement public art programs in Cleveland to motivate art entrepreneurship and to beautify the city. Visit www.AdrianStupica.com and follow @uWISHuSAWit and @WearsSince86 on Instagram.

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