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CLE’s Temporary Art Exhibition Program is a free initiative available to artists. The purpose of this program is to showcase the diversity of arts and culture of Northeast Ohio. Individual artists, cultural institutions and arts organizations are afforded opportunities to exhibit their collections of original artwork and photography in the airport. 

Submissions are reviewed by an Artists Review Panel and each approved proposal is assigned an exhibit start date based on the exhibition calendar. The duration of exhibits is up to six months depending on the nature of the exhibit. Selected exhibitors will not be compensated; however, installation and curatorial support will be provided as needed. Artists will also be featured at the art site as well as on the airport’s website. 

Expresssions of Imagination is on display from August 21, 2017 - January 31, 2018.

Artist Details

Susan Bestul

Susan Bestul is an accomplished photographer from Cleveland and is a member of the Cleveland Photographic Society. She was awarded The Julia Margaret Cameron Award in the 8th Annual International Gala Awards in Berlin, Germany. Locally you can find her work exhibited at the Hudson Fine Art Gallery, the Solon Center for the Arts, the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Cleveland Art Museum. Susan is also a professional musician, performing with the Cleveland Pops Orchestra as a cellist. Art and the expression of art is a part of everything Susan does.

For more information please visit Susan’s website at or email at

Donald Black, Jr.

Donald Black, Jr. began his formal art education in the fourth grade at Cleveland School of the Arts (CSA). His early years at CSA afforded him the opportunity to experiment with multiple art forms including dance and instrumental music. However, it was not long before he unearthed his passion for photography. Driven by the unique properties of the medium and the voice that it afforded him, he decided to concentrate solely on receiving instruction in this area. Donald has a Bachelor of Science in Commercial Photography from Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication. He has received many awards including the Kodak Scholarship for Outstanding Photographer at Ohio University. He was the first-ever African American to receive this prestigious award.

For more information please visit Black’s website at

Chris Bradlee

As a seasoned photographer, Bradlee’s experiences and interests have varied throughout the years. Although she loves all varieties of photographic styles and subjects, her passion is the art of building photographs. Building a foundation of interesting backgrounds and subjects, adding dynamic lighting and creating a photograph that would not otherwise be possible. She enjoys the challenge of taking a photograph of well-known landmarks or destinations and creating a distinctively different image through creativity. Through manipulations she is able to bring a unique view of the world.

For more information please visit her website at www. or feel free to contact her at

Edward Frierson

Edward Frierson is a self-taught photographer of four years. He is a member of the Cleveland Photographic Society. Frierson’s work has been exhibited at the Cleveland Print Room, the Cleveland Institute of Music, the Holden Arboretum and Broadview Heights Community Center.

For more information please email Ed at

Lori James

Lori James is a member of The Cleveland Photographic Society. She has exhibited at the Holden Arboretum, Coffee House and Renaissance Retirement Campus. She enjoys hiking in the National Parks and decorating her home with canvas prints. Lori also enjoys making Shutterfly books as gifts for her family.

Please contact Lori at for more information.

Jamie Kerns

Jamie Kerns is a multidisciplinary artist who was raised in an artistic family in Medina Ohio. He earned a Bachelor degree in Art Education from the University of Akron, and has since developed technical prowess in many different artistic mediums. Jamie has participated in several individual and group exhibitions throughout the Akron area. He enjoys collaborating with his children do to the innocence and a sense of Whimsy in the paintings.

Jo B. Levine

Jo B. Levine’s love of photography and the outdoors meshed into a collection of photos of places she spent trying to feed her soul. When she showed them to friends, most wanted a photo for themselves and thus was born Captured Passion. Jo works at Case Western Reserve University and in her free time she is outdoors as much as possible. Camera in hand taking photos of all the places and things she loves.

For more information please visit her at or contact her at

Joseph Miko

Joseph Miko was born in Budapest, Hungary. Joseph has been a member of the Cleveland Photographic Society since 2016. He enjoys entering his photos in exhibitions and contests. Joseph feels the sky is the limit with his photography and he is always looking for opportunities to improve the quality of his work.

For more information please visit his website at or email at

Kay O’Donnell

Kay O’Donnell’s love of photograph and the arts has been a lifelong passion. In her profession as a nurse she experience joy and pain of her patients every day. These emotions are expressed in her photography. Kay has traveled to over 67 countries which has broaden her experience and inspired her to explore new photographic opportunities. “Inspiration, Beauty & the Unique can be found in your own backyard.”

For more information please contact Kay at

Laurie Musser

Paper wasn’t readily available so the chalkboard became Laurie’s sketchpad. “Art was just something to do. It made people smile. Who knew you could make a career out of it?” Taking it seriously, Laurie graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh PA. She relocated to Cleveland working on staff with American Greetings as an illustrator for twenty plus years. In addition to using traditional artist tools, digital drawing tools added endless opportunities for her images. Now freelancing with her own studio she enjoys nature and wildlife whenever possible. “Every day is a new challenge. Enjoy the journey! Live a grateful life!”

For more information please contact Laurie at or visit her at

Bogdan Pieniak

Bogdan Pieniak studied art in college in hopes of making a career in art. When he was called to duty for his country during the Vietnam era, he joined the Navy after two years studying at Cuyahoga Community College. While in the Navy, he was introduced to photography and never looked back artistically. Although, his career took a different path from art, his photography avocation continued for the last 50 years. Bogdan has exhibited in fine art venues and his work has been used in all types of media, including book covers, CD covers, catalogs, newspapers and magazines. Portraits, however is his passion.

Kevin Rodriguez

Kevin Rodriguez is an urban photographer that seeks the city streets to capture motion. He began in 2016 by documenting the architectural afterlife of Cleveland, but is now shifting his focus to different types of photography.

Follow his work through his Instagram @kevvmotion.

Joan Satow

Joan Satow is a watercolor artist and graphic designer. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communications from Ashland University combined with a college affiliate program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Her paintings cover a diverse range of subjects with unique painting styles that flow from realistic to impressionistic.

Please contact her at

Jon Tabar

Jon Tabar is a lifelong Cleveland resident. He started enjoying photography while taking photography classes at Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea, OH. Jon aspires to share his photography with others with the hope that they will enjoy his photography as much as he enjoys creating them.

Deborah Shapiro

Deborah Shapiro is a self-taught artist. She stumbled upon collage painting after having major jaw surgery in 2013. While looking through magazines during her recovery, she was drawn to the colors and began to think about how she could use the different colors of ripped and cut bits of paper from magazines as “paint”. The main subject of her colleges reflects her love of animals and everyday experience that comprise of her middle-aged, mid-west suburban life like coffee, wine and flowers, while close up, you will find a myriad of details. Often the words are scattered throughout the subject that pertains to the overall theme. Prior to creating collages, Deborah was a videographer for 35 years.

For more information please contact Deborah at



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