Expressions of Imagination

About the Art

CLE’s Temporary Art Exhibition Program is a free initiative available to artists. The purpose of this program is to showcase the diversity of arts and culture of Northeast Ohio. Individual artists, cultural institutions and arts organizations are afforded opportunities to exhibit their collections of original artwork and photography in the airport. 

Submissions are reviewed by an Artists Review Panel and each approved proposal is assigned an exhibit start date based on the exhibition calendar. The duration of exhibits is up to six months depending on the nature of the exhibit. Selected exhibitors will not be compensated; however, installation and curatorial support will be provided as needed. Artists will also be featured at the art site as well as on the airport’s website. 

Expresssions of Imagination is on display from August 21, 2017 - January 31, 2018.

Artist Details

Vincent McMichael Jr.

Vincent McMichael Jr. attended the Cleveland School of the Arts, majoring in visual arts. He enjoys vacationing with family, drawing comics, and playing basketball. Vincent currently works for the City of Cleveland’s Water Department as a Water Plant Operator. In 2016 he competed in the Top Ops competition, a jeopardy style competition and won the state championship.

Kennedy Jones

Kennedy Jones is a Sergeant with the Cleveland Police department. He has been with the department for 24 1/2 years and plans to retire in February, 2018. Kennedy moved to Cleveland in December 1987 and immediately fell in love with Lake Erie. He lives right off of I-90, so as he goes to and fro in his daily travels he sees the lake in all its splendor. “Sunsets are God’s way of showing off.” Kennedy appreciates God’s artistic expression by stopping at a moment’s notice to photograph them.

Michele Dynia

Michele Dynia has been a City of Cleveland employee for a little over 4 years in the Marketing and Air Service Development division of the Department of Port Control. She is an amateur photographer that loves to capture life’s little moments. Michele is known among her friends and colleagues as the group’s photographer, always taking pictures when no one else is thinking about it and chronicling all of their fun and adventures.

Fran Kerg

Fran Kerg is the City of Cleveland’s Web Content Editor and has a background in marketing, specializing in copy writing and design. She expresses her creativity through several artistic techniques including reverse glass painting, digital design and pottery. Her compositions in this show are digital collages, also called photomontage, meant to inspire contemplative thoughts and feelings of peace and calm. Fran is also an expert in holistic medicine, specializing in energy-based modalities.

Vaughn K. Smith

Vaughn K. Smith has been a Survey Crew Chief for the City of Cleveland’s Mayor’s Office of Capital Projects, Division of Engineering & Construction since October 2002. He is also an avid photographer. He has been interested in photography since childhood. Growing up and living in Cleveland, taking photos of the City’s majestic skyline has always been his passion. Due to the change of seasons in Cleveland and being situated on the banks of the Great Lake Erie, the photo opportunities are limitless.

William C. Tinsley, Jr.

William C. Tinsley, Jr. has been a Cleveland Police Officer for almost 30 years. He is currently assigned to the airport unit after spending the last 17 years investigating crimes as a detective in the 5th District Crime Scene Unit. William delves into anything linked to art. From drawing, painting to photography and to being a disc jockey.


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