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Jennifer Bachman

Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Army Veteran and former truck/tanker driver, Jennifer loves capturing moments of the day with her camera.  She is new to photography and enjoys sharing her images with friends and family.  Jennifer is currently a Police Officer with the City of Cleveland.  In addition to enjoying photography, Jennifer is also an animal lover and poet.

Michele Dynia

Photography has always been a passion for this native Ohioan.  When out with friends and family, Michele is the one grabbing her phone to take photos to preserve the memories. Michele’s phone is always with her because she never knows when a moment will pop up to take a photo, but she tries to keep a camera around too.  Michele is the Communications Manager at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Lakisha Harris

LaKisha loves taking photos of herself, family and friends. She was born and raised in the Fifth District and currently works as a Police Officer for the City of Cleveland in the district she was raised in.  LaKisha has been with the Fifth District for 11 years and the entire community loves her.  Her favorite subjects for photographing includes landscapes and nature.

April Harrison

April has been the Strategic Performance Manager for The Cleveland Airport System since 2009.  Born and raised in the Glenville area of Cleveland, Ohio, she is a budding photographer with a fascination and adoration of flowers, most specifically orchids.  April has an appreciation of all forms of artistic expression, but has taken a keen interest recently in photography.

Nelson Muniz

Nelson is an 11-year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department currently serving as a Community Engagement Officer in Cleveland's Fifth District (Collinwood Neighborhood).  He moved to Cleveland from Yauco, Puerto Rico in 1990 and loves to travel and take photographs wherever he goes.

Andrew Plavny

Andrew is married with three daughters.  He currently works for the City of Cleveland’s Water Department as an SPO 1.  Over the last two years, he has developed a love for photography. Andrew finds that taking photos helps him escape the day to day stresses of life while revealing his feelings at the same time. Andrew is currently enrolled at Lakeland Community College studying Emergency Management.

Christina Sadowski

Christina Sadowski is a Cleveland photographer who focuses on capturing landscapes and cityscapes. Her work is primarily Cleveland based but she also shoots while traveling. A recent trip to Europe brought a new collection of images to her growing portfolio. She currently showcases her work at e11even 2 gallery in which she is one of three owners. The gallery is located within 78th Street Studios in the Gordon Square Arts District of Cleveland.

Darnell Thomas

Darnell is a left-handed middle child from Ohio. His creative interests goes back to his childhood -- fascinated by 8-bit & 16-bit video game aesthetics and the color pairings used. For the past ten years, Darnell has worked in various mediums including photography, illustration, design, web development and video production.

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