Noise Compatibility Reports

Noise Compatibility Reports

CLE voluntarily participates in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program. The program is designed to identify land use strategies that can be employed to reduce excessive noise on surrounding communities.

CLE welcomes community input on its noise compatibility program. It also develops quarterly reports, which are linked below:

2023 Quarterly Reports:


2022 Quarterly Reports:


2021 Quarterly Reports:

2020 Quarterly Reports:

2019 Quarterly Reports:

2018 Quarterly Reports:

2017 Quarterly Reports:

2016 Quarterly Reports:

2015 Quarterly Reports:

2014 Quarterly Reports:

2013 Quarterly Reports:

2012 Quarterly Reports:

2011 Quarterly Reports:

2010 Quarterly Reports:

2009 Quarterly Reports:


To record an aircraft complaint please go here: Symphony PublicVue