Customer Service Enhancements Coming to CLE’s Ground Transportation Center

May 18, 2017

Press Releases

Services will be added to shuttle drop-off and pickup location 

Cleveland, May 18th, 2017 – During the past two months, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) team members have consulted with service providers, Airport guests, and industry leaders regarding appropriate measures to enhance customer service at the Airport’s Ground Transportation Center location. 

Following an examination of vehicle movements on the Airport campus, the current Ground Transportation Center location was determined as the best available location for ground transportation services. Moving the shuttle services back to their former location (on the lower terminal level) was not a viable option, as airport roadways have experienced a significant increase in traffic with the vast majority of passengers now coming from the local area, a more than 35% (2 million passengers annually) increase during the past five years. Also, the former shuttle location was within traffic lanes, which contributed to traffic congestion and endangered passengers as Airport guests were required to cross three lanes of active roadways. The current location improves guest safety, reduces traffic congestion, and prolongs the lifespan of Airport infrastructure. 

Discussions during the past two months have indicated the major issues with the current Ground Transportation Center is less about the actual drop-off/pickup location -- less than a 2 minute walk from the check-in/ticketing level -- and more about the lack of services available at that location. 

To provide better service to ground transportation service users, CLE will begin testing the following enhancements May 20th, 2017 with all enhancements completed and tested by June 1st, 2017:

CLE will add wheelchair assistance from the Ground Transportation Center to the airline check-in/ticketing counters for passengers with limited mobility. The passenger assist check-in counter will be located just inside the terminal connector building at the Ground Transportation Center. Passengers will need to arrange wheelchair service with their airline for any assistance needed beyond the airline’s check-in/ticketing counters by contacting their airline (

In a cooperative agreement with Smarte Carte, CLE will provide luggage carts at the Ground Transportation Center location, free of charge to airport guests. Free Smart Carts are available only at this location, as this agreement does not include any other Smarte Carte locations within the Airport.

The airport is implementing new technology that allows passengers to remain inside the comfort of the terminal connector building, until they are alerted that their shuttle service provider has arrived at the Ground Transportation Center. 

CLE has placed additional seating within the terminal connector building for passenger comfort. 

CLE has also completed signage improvements for the Ground Transportation Center, including wayfinding signs for passengers disembarking the shuttles to the Ticketing/Check-In area via the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Art Gallery level, the lower level lobby, and terminal Bag Claim levels. These additional wayfinding signs have been installed to better-direct patrons to/from the Ground Transportation Center. The next phase of wayfinding improvements to/from the Ground Transportation Center will occur on the pedestrian bridge level, which will also service customers using the Smart Parking Garage. 

The airport has assigned permanent parking stalls for each shuttle operator to help passengers in locating shuttle services more effectively. 

In order to enhance safety and comfort, the airport will install a new lighting system inside the covered walkway leading from the shuttle parking stalls to the terminal connector.

To help ensure safe driving throughout the Ground Transportation Center area, the airport has deployed traffic calming measures on the roadway leading to and from the Ground Transportation Center.

CLE has produced wayfinding literature for passengers to help direct them to the check-in/ticketing level in the fastest, most convenient route. These helpful guides are available to all ground transportation providers at no cost. Ground transportation service providers can request literature from CLE by contacting: Tanya Bartul, CLE Ground Transportation at (216) 898-5161 or

CLE’s management team is committed to improving the safety, convenience, affordability, and comfort of airport’s commercial ground transportation services. The team will monitor these Ground Transportation Center improvements to determine if any further changes are required. Your CLE airport team is dedicated to improving customer service, delivering products and amenities that exceed expectations of the communities we serve. 

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