CLE Airport Construction

April 4, 2016

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*UPDATED 6/13/16 

The Terminal Façade project wrapped up at the beginning of June. Checkpoint B, which closed on April 5th for construction will be reopening in mid-June. The Red and Blue Lots are also expected to reopen mid-June.

Thank you for your patience throughout this process. We hope you enjoy the new CLE!


*UPDATED 4/4/16:

  • Starting April 5th, we will be CLOSING Checkpoint B.  TSA Pre-Check will be available at BOTH Checkpoint A & C during the closure.  The new and improved Checkpoint B will be reopened at the end of May.

  • Starting Wednesday, 1/27 our Valet parking will move to its permanent location on the upper roadway by Door 1.

  • As of 12/15/15 the Exterior work will move to the south end of the ticketing level. The doors on the south end will be closed to passenger traffic.  Interior work is currently at the center of ticketing and just north of the center.  On Baggage Claim, the south end doors will also be closed off to passenger traffic.  The south escalator and elevators will be closed down during construction.  These changes will remain in effect until the project is completed in June 2016.

  • On 11/13/15 Southwest Airlines ticket counter moved to its new, permanent location on the south end of ticketing between United and JetBlue.

  • On 10/10/15, the Red and Blue Lots closed due to our Parking Canopy Project and will not reopen until spring.  The Smart Parking Garage, Orange and Brown Lots will remain open during the construction project.


Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) is to begin work on the Terminal External Façade and Ticketing Lobby Project on the ticketing and baggage claim levels.  This multi-phased project will begin on Wednesday, May 13 and conclude in May of 2016.  The project will dramatically modernize and upgrade the airport’s departures level ticketing lobby and façade improving the traveler’s experience. Please click here to see where the construction is currently located throughout the terminal. 

Throughout this project it is important for passengers to arrive early, as much at 90-120 minutes in advance of their flight, and airport employees should be aware that there is the potential for traffic congestion when arriving at the terminal at the start of the project as the traffic flow adjusts to aspects of the construction.  CLE asks for patience from our airlines and their passengers as we work to complete this large project.  It will be important for travelers to pay attention to signs posted to help guide them to their drop off and pickup areas, curbside check-ins, security checkpoints, as well as possible temporary airline ticket counter locations.  The airport will also maintain updates on the project right here at  Every attempt is being made to remove commercial traffic from the upper and lower roadways to alleviate congestion.

As a part of the effort to keep traffic moving during the project, there will be a zero tolerance for idling traffic on both the upper and lower roadways.  Cleveland Police traffic enforcers will be out and ticketing vehicles left alone.  If you are not actively loading or unloading, you will be asked to move along. We encourage people waiting to pick up a passenger(s) to use our Cell Phone Lot. Click here for information on how to access the airport cell phone lot.

The façade improvements include an upgrade to the existing exterior “skin” structural panels above the upper and lower roadway frontage sidewalk areas.   Additional enhancements include areas along the terminal frontages and other associated items such as lighting, exterior frontage glass and canopy ceilings, structural columns, doorway vestibules, and sidewalk areas. The terminal ticketing lobby will also be rehabilitated. These improvements include lighting, skylight systems, and color schemes. 

Upgrades will also take place on the baggage claim level with improvements to the windows, entry vestibules, exterior soffits and lighting.  Other improvements outside of baggage claim include a new canopy which will shelter passengers waiting for shuttles on the center island.

As the Terminal External Façade and Ticketing Lobby Project is occurring, CLE will also complete Phase II of our Parking Redevelopment Program by installing canopies in two (2) of our surface parking lots.  The Red Lot, located the closest to the terminal on the north, will be completely covered by a 72,280 sq. ft. canopy.  In addition, a portion of the Orange Lot, located east of the Smart Parking Garage, will be covered by a 92,680 sq. ft. canopy.  This project is scheduled to start in the summer of 2015 and is anticipated to finish by May of 2016.   

The shuttle for the car rental will pick up and drop off at the north end of the baggage claim level. To get to the shuttle stop, exit from Door 1, make a left and follow the walkway around the side of the building.

The shuttle for hotels and off-site parking will pick up in the Limo Lot, located on the west side of the Smart Parking Garage between the garage and the terminal.

Please check back for updates, as we will continue to update this page.

Press Release with additional information is located here