Hopkins goes back to the future

October 18, 2017

Press Releases

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) will begin ‘live’ testing of the airport’s new state of the art in-line baggage screening system for those air carriers (United, JetBlue, Southwest, Air Canada) on the south end of the ticketing lobby starting Thursday, October 19th. 

“Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is one of the first airports in the U.S. to be equipped with this new Mobile Inspection Table technology,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “This new in-line system will keep Cleveland’s airport on track with providing world class services for our customers making Cleveland an even better choice for your air travel needs.” 

“Under the current system, passengers had to take their luggage to a separate TSA baggage screening drop-off location and with the completion of the new system on the south end they no longer need to take their baggage to a second location,” said Airport Director Robert Kennedy. “This project is a big win for the airport guests as it streamlines the baggage check-in process. We are literally going back to the way passengers handed off their baggage to airline personnel in the past.” 

Previously, United Airlines was the only carrier to use an in-line baggage system at CLE. Once this project is fully completed in early 2018, all CLE airlines will use the new baggage security screening system accommodating future passenger growth and allowing checked bags to be processed more efficiently and timely. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will also gain staffing efficiencies and automate the customer’s bag handling experience, which had previously been done manually. 

If all system testing is successfully completed by mid-November, the free-standing bag security screening machines on the south end of the ticketing level will be removed by the busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend; providing more space for passengers in the ticket lobby area. 


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TSA and the project contractor, Jervis Webb, Inc. have both conducted numerous test of the system leading up to the October 19th launch date. CLE will have a rapid response team on stand-by when the system starts 4:00 am on Thursday in the event of any system issues. 

The project was part of a long-term plan to make travel more efficient and convenient for CLE guests. Tips for customers to help streamline the new process include: 

  • Removing old luggage tags 
  • Avoiding any long strings/straps/hooks that could get caught on the belt 
  • Close all zippers on the bags 


Additional project improvements include the installation of new back-of-house TSA explosive detection system machines, new lighting, new structural walls, new garage doors, relocation of utilities, and a state-of-the-art new Mobile Inspection Table (MIT) technology. The MIT technology uses robotic carts to process bags that require more detailed TSA inspections. CLE is only the 2nd US airport to employ the use of the MIT technology. 

The in-line baggage system was designed by Vic Thompson & Company, Inc. and the project contractor is Jervis Webb, Inc. Construction on the system started in December 2015, with a project budget of $26,830,071 with TSA funding 90% of the cost. 


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