The Black Experience

About the Art

The Black Experience can be best perceived through art. The beauty, contributions and struggles of African Americans throughout history continue to exist and Black artists have used their creativity to provide insight to Black culture and experience. From the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s and 1930’s to the Black Arts Movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s, modern Black artists continue to create art that reflect their experiences today.

In this exhibit, these Black artists have created pieces that force us to see things from the other side of the paintbrush and lens. As we celebrate Black History and Juneteenth, please enjoy this exhibit that represents the heritage, culture, and contributions of The Black Experience.

On Exhibit Through June 30th, 2023

Artist Details

Tyrone c. Moore:

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Tyrone C. Moore (Ty) was highly influenced as a child by the sculptural artwork of his grandfather, Cleveland artist Hugh Moore. Using his grandfather's enthusiasm as a springboard for inspiration, Ty began appreciating art and creating illustrations at an early age. Primarily self-taught, Ty was further inspired by artists from the comic book field and many classic artist.  Although Ty chose to pursue a career in education as his profession, he continues to maintain a strong interest in creating art. Ty minored in studio art at Cleveland State University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in 1995 and his Master’s degree in 2000 in the area of education.

In 1996, Ty began teaching for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, where he used his skills in art to further illustrate reading and math lessons for young students. In 2001 he began to experiment with charcoals and provided portraits as gifts to family members and close friends, which led him to renewing his interest in fine art.

On May 19, 2006, Ty received The Emerging Artist Award from Sankofa Fine Arts Plus at its annual Cleveland Fine Art Expo. It was a tremendous honor that he shared with family and close friends. Today, as a practicing artist, Ty’s work grace the walls of patrons throughout the state of Ohio and the United States.  You can see more of Ty’s work at

Vince Robinson

Vince Robinson is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Cleveland, Ohio. He took up photography as a student at Kent State University in the 70’s while studying Telecommunications with a minor in Pan African Studies. His career path took him through stints as a radio news reporter, television and radio producer/host, voiceover artist, entertainment journalist and photographer. He is the current host of Open Door, a television show he directed prior to assuming duties of host and Executive Producer. He’s also the host of a radio version of Open Door on 95.9 FM WOVU - Cleveland, in addition to co-hosting and co-producing 360 Info Network, an African-centered radio talk show on AM1490 WERE - Cleveland. His filmmaking projects have included documentaries shot in Ghana, West Africa, Israel, Egypt and Sudan in Northeast Africa. In addition to documentary films, he is a content creator of videos and podcasts via YouTube. His photography has been featured in solo exhibitions and several group shows, including Black+White at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. His book, Got Words? (Parablist Publishing) was published in 2015. Robinson is the owner of Larchmere Arts, an art gallery, photography studio and performance venue in Cleveland. He’s a pianist and leader of Vince Robinson & The Jazz Poets since 1997.  Please visits Vince on Facebook at

Jerome T. White:

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, White’s work focuses on themes of music, sports, family, history, and the human condition.   Deeply influenced by the works of Charles White, Winslow Homer, and Dr. John Biggers, White typically uses figurative and spiritual symbolism to illustrate historical or social messages. His finely-honed, critical eye and keen sensibilities have enabled him to capture the adversity, talent, beauty, and endurance of a people on canvas.

As his painting evolves, he plans to continue exploring similar themes but looks forward to taking a different direction in his presentation. “Over the past few years, I have used texture and monochromatic color schemes. Presently, I use mixed media, acrylics, and oil painting. I believe that blending different styles together will produce a harmonious balance with my design ideas. I like to compare it to making gumbo. I want to create a visual experience that will stick to your soul.”  Please visit to view more of his work.

Sankofa Fine Art Plus

Sankofa Fine Art Plus is a nonprofit art organization dedicated to developing, educating, and advocating for African-American artists and other underrepresented visual artists through community collaboration.  The artwork featured in this exhibit are commemorative pieces from the organization’s annual fine art expo and includes nationally renowned African American artists, Monica Stewart, Synthia St. James, Kadir Nelson, Annie Lee, Larry “Poncho” Brown and Anthony Armstrong.  For more information on Sankofa Fine Art Plus, please visit their website at

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