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About the Art

Exhibition Dates:  September 1 – January 31, 2019

Theme: This exhibition seeks to show art that has cast away the color system and focuses on the visual power of black and white; reflecting the innovative and contemporary in painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media and photography. The artwork can range from realism to surrealism to abstraction.  All artists 18 and over are encouraged to submit their best representational or abstract art and photography.  The exhibit will be on display beginning October 1 through January 31, 2019.

Artist Details

Abbie Adams

I am a hobbyist photographer. I have lived in the Cleveland area for the past 22 years. I love the many photographic opportunities presented on the North Coast. I am passionate about my photography and hope to convey beautiful moods and emotions through my images. While shooting sunrise pictures at Euclid Beach this Blue Heron flew in to enjoy the peaceful morning

Michael Barath

Michael Barath is a photographer, educator, and human being, as well as a perpetual student of art. He’s always been emotionally connected to photography because his mother and sister were amateur photographers. Michael hopes to extend their legacies by creating something of his own. 

Darlene Beiter

Darlene Beiter is a Cleveland photographer and artist. She specializes in freelance editorial and event work and also enjoys doing fine art photography. Her photographs have been on display in various exhibits at BAYArts, Beck Center for the Arts, The Galleries at CSU, the Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography, Mastroianni Photography and Arts Gallery, Solon Center for the Arts, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland Public Library and University Hospitals. Darlene is a member of the Cleveland Photographic Society and ASMP. She lives in North Olmsted with her husband Randy and some finned friends. A selection of black and white photographs for consideration: CPL Stairwell Stairwell in the Louis Stokes Wing of the downtown Cleveland Public Library. Cleveland Trust Rotunda View of the dome in the old Cleveland Trust Rotunda, now home to the downtown location of Heinen’s Grocery Store. Ferris Wheel Abandoned ferris wheel at the Chippewa Lake Amusement Park. Key Tower View of Key Tower in downtown Cleveland from the Terminal Tower. Leaf Black and white leaf abstract at the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse. Mast Abstract Close up view of tall ship from the 2013 Cleveland Tall Ship Festival. Moonlight Mansion Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga, Latvia. Nautilus Staircase Parking garage spiral staircase at the Akron Museum of Art. Spiral Staircase Street photograph of decorated staircase in Toronto, Ontario. Terminal Tower Nighttime photograph of Terminal Tower in Cleveland, Ohio.

Richard Bolden

Richard Bolden is best known for his emotionally evoking photographs made from in both digital and films. As well as his professional work in the field of product and food photography. He began his formal photographic journey at CSU in the fall of 2016, when he took a course in film photography. There he was influenced by the instruction of film photographer Eric Vaughn, creating photographs that emphasized content over aesthetics. From there he took multiple courses with photographer Mark Slankard, where Richard honed his skills of photographic elements and lighting. The addition of these skills allowed Richard to create more thematic and moody works of art because of greater ability to control the shooting space and editing process. In 2017 he became the photographic lab assistant to Mark Slankard. During this period Richard utilized much of his time reading about photographic theory and writings, which would give him the ability to better assess not only his work but also the work of his peers. In the winter of 2017 until the summer of 2018 Richard was hired as the photographic intern at Cleveland Magazine, the top magazine in Cleveland Ohio. There he learned professional practices such as color correcting for print, booking clients and editing photographs for exportation to art directors. Under the guidance of art directors Kendra Huspaska and Maria Amador, Richard’s food and product photography took off. He was greatly influenced by their artistic directions and feedback, eventually he was able to go to shoots solo and create photographs with minimal direction from outside. Richard is currently exhibiting art work in CSU’s 47th Student show. The art shown is of his most recent work which plays with collaging images together to express deeper sentiments about what it means to be human. This body of work was completed as an assignment, that centered on landscape today. I decided to use the landscape that I view and interact with on a daily basis as a student at Cleveland Sate University. I spent many hours documenting the different views of the city and enjoyed watching the city reveal itself through my lens. The experience furthered my familiarity and admiration for Downtown Cleveland.

Chris Bradlee

As a seasoned Photographer my experiences and interests have varied through the years. Although, I love all varieties of photographic styles and subjects, my passion is the art of building photographs. Building a foundation of interesting backgrounds and subjects, adding dynamic lighting and creating a photograph that would not be otherwise possible. I enjoy the challenge of taking a photograph of the well-known landmarks or destinations and creating a distinctively different image through creativity. Through manipulations I am able to bring a unique view of the world. My images are exclusive, limited editions, combining reality with whimsical fantasy. For more of my images take an excursion into serendipity on my website at or feel free to contact me at 10 images each labels with artist and title

Rose Burns

Rose Burns has been interested in photography since 2004. Rose loves to capture the grace and beauty of the forgotten and regular everyday things. beauty around every turn.

Joshua Fitzgerald

I am a 43 year old photographer from Akron, Ohio. I specialize in automotive marketing photography and fine art/landscape photography as well as creative portraiture. My daughter and I love Ohio landscapes and we also travel as often as we can to enjoy all of the things the world has to offer. This is a collection covers a wide range of different genres and styles of my photography over the last eight months. All of the photos but one were taken in Northeastern Ohio which I thought was important should any of them be selected for the exhibit. I travel a lot and I enjoy seeing local art in the cities that I go to.

Edward Frierson

Edward Frierson is a self-taught photographer of four years.  He is a member of the Cleveland Photographic Society.  Frierson’s work has been exhibited at the Cleveland Print Room, the Cleveland Institute of Music, the Holden Arboretum and Broadview Heights Community Center.  For more information please email Ed at

Da’Shaunae Jackson

Da’Shaunae Jackson is a photographer who resides in Cleveland, OH. She currently studies photography at Cuyahoga Community College. She was a finalist of the Photographer’s Forum 38th Annual College & High School Photography Contest. Her work was published in Breakwall Literary Journal and has been shown in group exhibitions at the Cleveland Print Room. She published her first monograph Waiting to Arrive in 2017. The book takes the viewer along her journey on Cleveland’s Regional Transit Authority and gives a very personal perspective on riding the RTA. She currently teaches youth at the Cleveland Print Room. For the past year, I have been traveling to and from school and work via the Regional Transit Authority. I can leave for the day at 4 A.M. at the earliest and get home around 11 P.M. at the latest. Seems like along day when you think about it. It takes me at least an hour to get to my desired destinations on the Eastside of Cleveland. But if I want to travel to the Westside, it can take at least an hour and a half. My daily commute is long and sometimes frustrating, but I have learned to develop patience. As I sit and wait for my destination to arrive, I cross paths with various strangers. All of them have a place to be but for a moment of time we share a space and are forced to enjoy the ride together. Taking the RTA for me is like being inside of a mobile community. You have the option to get to know the person sitting next to you. Even though neither person knows when the other will reach their destinations. It’s okay to strike up a conversation and learn something new about a complete stranger just to pass the time. This choice to engage, to interact, or just to be silent is what I am most interesting about public transportation. While the outside world is passing us by, we choose to sit still and wait. What others decide to do in this space and with their time is what I observe and capture.

Lorraine James

My name is Lori James and I am a member of The Cleveland Photographic Society. I have had photos exhibited at Holden Arboretum, Avon Lake Library and Renaissance Retirement Campus. I enjoy hiking in National Parks and decorating my house with canvas prints as well as making Shutterfly books as gifts for family.

Omar Jeffries

My name is Omar Jeffries, a photographer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. I have a background in graphic design. I like my photography to focus on composition, color and unity. Whether I am shooting a landscape or a portrait, I am always thinking on how the final piece makes the viewer feel. I cityscape of Cleveland from the flats, from an angle that shows the pride and unique landscape of Cleveland.

Michael Kopkas

As a retired programmer and math teacher, I am now an amateur photographer trying to exercise my right brain. I remain open to capturing all types of images – from nature and landscapes to portraits and still life, from reality to abstracts, from unaltered images to Photoshop creations.

Charles Mintz

My work is built around my biography, but it is not about me. Core themes include people who are different, the Great American Dream, separation, home, neighborhood, music and simple justice. I want to present the evidence of what it means to live.

Laurie Musser

As a child I drew on a chalkboard until there were mounds of chalkdust on the floor. People smiled! Paper was scarce. Experiencing this world’s beauty and creating impressions of those experiences has always been a passion. Get Still...enjoy the journey and make your mark! 
Live a Grateful Life!

Jackie Oliverio

Jackie Oliverio, is a photographer born and raised in Willoughby, Ohio. Sharing her perspective of the world through her eyes with others is what drives Jackie to continuously pursue photography with such passion. Most importantly, Jackie believes that the heart and mind are the true lenses of the camera. Black & White makes you focus on the subject at hand. It draws your attention & creates a classic photograph feel. Life is not always black & white, it's all about perspective. It's all in how you look at it & where to focus your attention.

Glenn Petranek

I am a Cleveland area photographer specializing in digital photography using in camera and post processing techniques to meet my vision. I display at 20+ art shows annually and have work displayed in public and private collections.

Vince Robinson

Vince Robinson is a multi-genre artist, having given time to evolving in the visual imagery of photography, music and the magic of words in poem and song. It was at Kent State University that his talent for photography developed. He took an interest in shooting jazz concerts, beginning with an appearance at KSU by jazz legend Sonny Stitt.. Under the tutelage of E. Timothy Moore in the Department of Pan-African Studies, he learned darkroom techniques and the basics of the craft.

Kevin Rodriguez

Kevin Rodriguez is an urban photographer that seeks the city streets to document anything that captures his eye. He began in 2016 by exploring the architectural afterlife of Cleveland, but is now shifting his focus to different types of photography. Two B&W photos

Jacqueline Sajewski

Jackie Sajewski is a talented photographer whose work encompasses a variety of photographic subject and genre from natural images to digital paintings and creations. Her images have a beautiful sense of light and seem to come alive with vibrant color and rich hues. Her creations ring with emotion, while deftly capturing lifes cherished moments. 

Jackie has had her work shown at numerous Artist Galleries, Hospitals, Cleveland Art Museum Fundraisers and has won numerous Photography Competitions. 

Jackie works full time as a Service Engineering Specialist for STERIS Corporation. She started photography six years ago and has fallen in love with the idea of capturing once in a lifetime moments with her camera that can then be enjoyed forever.

Jack Thomas

Jack Thomas is an amateur photographer who lives in Mentor, Ohio. He enjoys photography as a hobby and started his adventures in digital photography five years ago. His interests include nature photography, landscapes, waterfalls and wildlife. Additional photographic pursuits include covered bridges, lighthouses, small towns and neon signs and lighting.

William Umlauf

William Umlauf became interested in photography in his early teens. His first camera was a Brownie given to him by his father, who taught him photography and how to process and print film in the darkroom. William believes learning to shoot film and processing your own pictures provides the foundation knowledge and insight that will carry through in all forms of photography. Many years later his passion for photography continues to grow and he continues to learn. A father and son enjoying each others company and the end of a summer day.

Abe Wolf

I am an amateur photographer who seeks the compelling image. I believe that images are found and surprise you. Then they are created. And then they are sent out into the world. I look forward to sending these black and white images to Hopkins. Black and white focuses on the digital image as form. It is photography at its most elemental.

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