Passengers increasing at CLE

July 28, 2015

Press Releases

Cleveland, July 24th, 2015 – Cleveland Hopkins International (CLE) is celebrating a milestone in our recovery from last year’s de-hubbing. For the first time since United’s service reductions in the spring of 2014, the airport has had an increase in passengers and scheduled seats versus May of 2014.

“Cleveland Hopkins has bounced back better than any other airport that’s lost its hub status,” said Airport Director Ricky Smith.  “This isn’t just something we’re saying here at CLE, it’s something that industry experts across the country are saying.”

Last year in May, CLE had 399,502 scheduled seats, whereas this past May CLE had 445,177 scheduled seats, an 11.4% increase.

Many news outlets have been comparing flights to determine the success and recovery of CLE, but airlines have started utilizing larger aircraft and increasing frequencies to destinations in demand of Cleveland passengers.  In addition, new airlines at CLE including Frontier, Spirit and JetBlue have come in adding larger aircraft frequencies.  All of the incumbent carriers at CLE have also added seats and frequencies since the United de-hubbing.

Despite the reduction in flights by United, they are still our largest carrier with over 50 flights per day.