New Elevator Tags Assist Guests

New Elevator Tags Assist Guests

November 30, 2023

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Sometimes, even small changes pack big rewards. This is certainly true for four black and white directional labels that have appeared in elevators inside the terminal at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE).

Before the labels noting “Bridge to Parking,” “Ticket Level,” “Baggage Claim,” and “Lower Level” were added in the elevators, guests had to interpret what “BR,” “TL,” “BC,” and “LL” meant.

“Almost anytime I was in one of the terminal elevators with a passenger, I would end up being the elevator attendant and help them to pick the right button to push for where they wanted to go,” said one CLE employee. “If they weren’t frequent travelers, it would take the person a minute to decipher what the letters meant.”

Adding better labels for the floor selection inside the elevator was an improvement guests suggested.

“The tags came after receiving feedback from the public that they were unclear with what the abbreviations that we have currently stood for,” said Robert Henderson, Building Maintenance Manager. “I asked our vendor, Schindler, if they could add tags next to the abbreviations for more clarity.”