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Beth Dier

An information technology specialist by trade but a creative seeker by night, Beth Dier, spends her time away from work behind a musical instrument, camera or telescope. Photography has been a hobby for over two decades, allowing her to see the world through the eyes of a tourist-the vibrant life and culture of the Great area in which we love.

Michelle Dynia

Michele Dynia has been a City of Cleveland employee for a little over 4 years now in the Marketing and Air Service Development division of the Department of Port Control.  She is an amateur photographer that loves to capture life’s little moments.  Michele is known among her friends and colleagues as the group’s photographer, always taking pictures when no one else is thinking about it and chronicling all of their fun and adventures.

Cynthia Haney

I am an amateur photographer that enjoys capturing memories with pictures. Captured moments of the serenity and beauty of the United Kingdom

Tamar Jensen

My name is Tamar Jensen and my medium of choice is chalk and oil pastels. My first experience with this medium was in 2011 at the Chalk Festival at the Cleveland Museum of Art, and I loved it. But life got busy… About 4 years ago, following some life changing events, I discovered the healing and meditative benefits of art. Drawing with chalk and oil pastels provided me reprieve from all that was going on in my life and graced me with serenity. My work is very rich in color and is full of twists and turns that provide the viewer with a variety of experiences… What I felt when I created a piece is not necessarily what the viewer sees, and for that I am grateful, as this flexibility makes it accessible to all. This submission includes a collection of drawings in both chalk and oil pastels.

Bernard Johnson

First love drawing cartoons and comics growing up. Recently as an adult began venturing off into painting. No formal training. Over the past few years have grown fond of abstract artwork. During my spare time I enjoy drawing and painting abstract portraits and concept art. A Moon Child is considered a rather unique individual. This is an Abstract portrait painting i did of someone I personally know who fits the description. No formal training. As an adult I began my hand at painting. I developed a fondness for abstract artwork. During my spare time I enjoy creating abstract portraits and concept art. The Cursid is 1 of 7 abstract paintings I did representing the seven deadly sins. The cursid representes Wrath. In a Andy Warhol take.

Nelson Muniz

I’m a member of the Community Engagement Unit at the 5th District. I have lived in Cleveland for 30 years and enjoy photographing the City I love to protect and serve with integrity. The 10 photographs are original by me that depicts various perspective on Beautiful Cleveland

Tarra Siefullah Petras

Tarra Seifullah Petras has been employed with the City of Cleveland for nearly 13 years.  With a love and passion for various forms of art that developed in her childhood, she took a specific interest in photography over the last 15 years, and considers it to be her creative outlet.  Her favorite subjects include nature, architecture, children at play, and sports action, but she especially enjoys capturing the unexpected and offering new perspectives on how we interpret what we see.  She likes for a story to be told or imagined through what she captures through the lens of her camera. 

Christina Sadowski

Christina has been photographing Cleveland as well as the desert landscapes of Nevada for nearly a decade. Her photography professor in college told her to photograph what she loved and her work would always be interesting. She was born and raised in Cleveland and has always been passionate about the city. As a child, she used rolls and rolls of film photographing landmarks. Years later, she realized photography was her artistic medium and began photographing the cityscape all over again. Most of her work shows a gritty, industrial side of Cleveland, that reminds her of the hard working class town it is. She most recently began photographing the city from her kayak which provides a unique vantage point. She saw many successes in her short career including Best of Show in her very first student show at Baldwin Wallace University. She was the first non-art major to be awarded Best in Show in the history of this exhibition. She continues to show in various venues around Ohio including Ashland University, Museum of Contemporary Art, The Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition and many more. She most recently received Honorable Mention at the Cleveland National Arts Program show. Her work can always be seen in e11even 2, the gallery she co-owns, within 78th Street Studios in Cleveland. The gallery has been consistently growing in popularity in the arts scene since it's inception four years ago. Reflections of Cleveland is a photography exhibition observed from a new perspective. Artist and gallery owner Christina Sadowski says “After purchasing my purple kayaks, dubbed “The Mermaid Squad,” I decided it would be a great idea to incorporate 3 of my passions- photography, Cleveland and kayaking. What started out as a "let's see what I can get" took off into a "I think I can make a solid show out of this.” Sadowski went out on the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie at sunrise and captured the city before it woke up. The glass-like water created a mirror effect and the beautiful colors that came to life in the sky were breathtaking. Sadowski says, “I found beauty in the abandoned buildings, steamships and work zones. The skyline lit by the morning sun intrigued me. Being in a kayak allows you to sit extremely close to the water and offers a very unique vantage point. I hope that people get a sense of what it was like for me on those early morning paddles and can appreciate the serenity in these images.”

Darnell Thomas

A left handed middle child born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I enjoy being creative in a range of ways including Illustration, Photography, Writing, Design and Web Development with over 8 years of professional experience across several industries. Thomas_FlowerMonstaFace.png - "Depends on how you look at it." Thomas_LONGLIVEROCK.jpg - "LONG....LIVE....ROCK!" Thomas_MortyTheMischieviousMouse.png - "Lost in the shuffle of 1940's cartoon fandom lies Morty the Mischevious Mouse. This is in fact...a fib I've made up" Thomas_TheWayWeWere.png - "If those chowderheads keep with the bum rap, our lettuce may not be the same. BUT....whether they pass the buck or not, we'll have a killer diller time." Thomas_MySecretContraption.png - "Having no tires is the least of my worries....I don't have a CD player in here!" Thomas_BalloonsForMom.jpg - "4th of July Balloon Release for my mother. We miss and love you" Thomas_Chronomentrophobia.jpg - "Work is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock." - quote by Pablo Picasso Thomas_OblivousNature.jpg - "The magical thing about nature is how oblivious it is to the woes of us wee humanoids." (Taken at Euclid Creek)

William Tinsley

William C. Tinsley, Jr. has been a Cleveland Police Office for almost 30 years.  He is currently assigned to the airport unit after spending the last 17 years investigating crimes as detective in the 5th District Crime Scene Unit.  William delves into anything linked to art.  From drawing, painting to photography and to being a disc jockey.

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