CLE passenger numbers continue upward trend

January 12, 2016

Press Releases

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) passenger numbers for October and November 2015 are continuing an upward trend that started in May of 2015. The year-to-date numbers are yet again higher than the previous year as CLE continues to grow. 

“This trend is extremely gratifying to us,” said Interim Director Fred Szabo. “It shows that it’s not just a normal passenger fluctuation but evidence that we are rebounding to a significantly stronger position.” 

In October 2015, total passenger traffic was 736,559, which is up 113,255 or 18.18% over October 2014. Scheduled seats for October were 883,354, up 94,214 or 11.9% over last year. 

In November 2015, CLE had 682,367 total passengers, which is up 101,685 passengers or 17.51% from November 2014. Scheduled seats for this November were 834,160, up 75,300 or 9.9% over last year. 

As of November, our year-to-date passenger totals for 2015 were 7,451,970, which is up over 2014by 438,101 or 6.25%.