CLE begins beta testing TSA checkpoint wait times program

April 12, 2017

Press Releases

One of many customer service enhancements coming to CLE 

Cleveland, April 11th, 2017 – Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) will begin beta testing a new program to help passengers find the quickest way to get through the security checkpoints. The testing will begin Wednesday, April 12th. 

“By leveraging our current technology staff to develop this application, we hope to significantly enhance the customer experience for departing passengers while at the same time providing this service at a significant savings,” said Chief Information Officer Matt Crowley. “Additionally, utilizing current CLE staff we can receive customer feedback and tailor the service to meet our customer needs, as opposed to an out of the box solution that may not be easily customized.” 

The new system will be integrated into the current Flight Information Screens and controlled by the newly created Landside Ops team. 

“Our staff is looking forward to providing this customer enhancement as a part of our larger strategy to create a better experience for our passengers,” said Melissa Brkich, Manager of Landside Operations. 

CLE is looking for your feedback while we are in the beta testing phase, which will last until May 1st, 2017, via our website e-mails and social media. 

Part two of the enhancement is to add the TSA checkpoint wait times to CLE’s website, before the busy summer travel season begins in May 2017.

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