About the Art

September 17th – January 31, 2014
Public Gallery

This exhibit features work by photographer, Janet Macoska. For nearly four decades, Ms. Macoska has been capturing some of rock and roll's most notable performers in her photos. The exhibit, entitled “Live from Cleveland, Ohio,” showcases some of her favorite images of rock’s greatest moments in Cleveland - including those of many Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees.

Artist Details

For over 25 years, Cleveland-based photojournalist Janet Macoska has been capturing some of rock’s most legendary performers through the lens of her camera.  Her work has appeared in Creem, Rolling Stone, People, 16, Entertainment Weekly, the New York Times and the London Times. David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and the Kinks are just some of the artists who have used her photos on their CDs. One of Macoska’s proudest accomplishments is a photo of Paul McCartney that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London. Several of her photos were featured alongside those of Annie Leibowitz, Mark Seliger and others in a 1996 issue of American Photo devoted entirely to rock and roll images. Reflecting on her career in an interview with Black & White Magazine, Macoska said, “I know a lot of my photographs are going to be the images that will define what was going on at this important time in musical history. Hopefully, people will see my photographs and feel some of the emotion and energy that the audience was hearing and seeing with me in those memorable moments.”  

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