For passengers leaving the airport, CLE offers a dedicated taxicab service. Our fleet of 110 white vehicles includes GPS technology, in-cab cameras, a pre-set rate structure, and drivers who receive enhanced customer service training. Three companies jointly operate this outbound service: Ace Taxi, Yellow Cab Company, and Americab.

To use the taxi service, look for the taxi entrance at the orange wall on the south end of baggage claim, adjacent to Carousel 11. Pickups are made at this location only. Taxis are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Our flat rate structure is based on mileage. Credit cards are accepted. Within Cleveland and the surrounding suburban areas, rates are as follows:


Taxi Rates to Cleveland & Surrounding Areas
0-5 miles   $15.00
6-10 miles   $26.00
11-15 miles   $36.00
16-20 miles   $47.00
21-25 miles   $58.00
26-30 miles   $69.00
31-35 miles   $79.00
36-40 miles   $90.00

After hours, please contact the taxi service directly (metered rates will apply).

Authorized Taxi Companies
Ace Taxi

216.361.4700 / 877.361.8294

Ace Taxi Website
Yellow Cab Company 216.623.1500 Yellow Cab Website
Americab 216.881.1111 Americab Website

Tips are appreciated, but not required.