COVID Testing TACKL Health

COVID Testing TACKL Health

Options for Scheduling an Appointment: 

  1. Individuals can walk up to the counter and take a test without an appointment 
  2. Individuals can scan the QR code on the banner signs at the counter to schedule an appointment or register 
  3. Individuals can go to to schedule an appointment 

Appointments may be changed or cancelled without a fee. Individuals can walk up at any time to take a test 



Antigen (15 min): 

  • Results are sent directly on the individual who got a test’s phone. They will come to the portal created when the individual registered for their test

PCR (on average 48 hours): 

  • Results are emailed to the email the individual provided when they registered for their test 

From time to time, the lab may experience delays due to high volume or a holiday, but generally, results come back in 48 hours. As cases and testing increase nationwide, this timeframe may increase. 


Types of Tests and Cost: (Ages 6-17 can be tested with parental consent) 

  • Antigen: $95 
  • PCR: $135 
  • Both: $175 


Testing at the airport is voluntary, and not required by Cleveland Hopkins International Airport 

Individuals should consult the appropriate governing body of the location to which they are traveling for their individual requirements regarding testing time and type of test. Often for traveling to other countries, the PCR test is the test required by the governing body. 

Since we are located pre-security, we are open to both departing and arriving individuals. You do not need a boarding pass to get a test. 


Who administers the tests? 

We only used licensed healthcare professionals who have been trained to administer COVID-19 tests. Typically, the individuals administering the tests are CNAs (certified nursing assistants) and MAs (medical assistants). We always have an LPN (licensed practical nurse) on site managing and overseeing the individuals collecting the samples 


Where will people get their results? 

  • Rapid antigen: Directly on the portal they created when they registered for the test. 
  • PCR test: They will be emailed directly to the email they provided when they registered. They do not use the portal to access PCR results. 


How to access the PDF for antigen results: 

  • Individual should login to portal 
  • Scroll to bottom where the small QR code is 
  • Scroll all the way to the right 
  • Click on the 3 vertical lines 
  • Tap “export PDF” 
  • See attached video for step by step 


Test types: 

  • We always use the highest quality tests. 
  • PCR - test kits come from CLIA certified high-complexity labs 
  • Antigen - tests are FDA emergency use authorized tests. The brand may change due to supply in the marketplace, but they are always FDA emergency use authorized tests, which is the highest quality.