US Airways and American Airlines are now co-located on the ticketing and baggage claim levels.
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Blue Lot: $11.00 Daily
Orange Lot: $11.00 Daily
Red Lot: $13.00 Daily
Smart Garage: $17.00 Daily
Smart Garage: $13.00 After 72-Hrs

How easy is it to fly with CLE? It’s 1950’s easy.

Meet Timmy and Suzy. Two present day business travelers from Cleveland. Because of their jobs, they spend a lot of time in airports. So at CLE, we like to make sure their experience with us is as easy as…well, the 1950’s.

Our Pre-check screening lane, curbside valet parking, and handy mobile site, make getting through the airport a breeze! Which gives Timmy and Suzy more time to enjoy the things they love, like the popular ‘50s soda drink – the chocolate phosphate.

Chocolate Phosphate Ingredients:
8 ounces seltzer water
¾ teaspoon acid phosphate
3 tablespoons chocolate syrup

Click below to enjoy our new TV spots starring Timmy and Suzy. (Don't worry, they're in full Technicolor.)

Meet Timmy the Business Traveler
Meet Suzy the Business Traveler
Timmy and Suzy at CLE


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